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Salvo was born in Siracusa, Sicily, living from the fruits of Mother Nature. With two farming parents and a wealth of family recipes, Salvo spent the first 19 years of his life learning about the love that goes into every bite of handmade meals. His mother was an expert on artisanal meals and pastries, all using the fresh ingredients his father brought home.

Though he first went into engineering as Sicily’s economy changed, Salvo always kept baking close to his heart, cooking for his coworkers and family alike. La Dolci Mania is the gourmet cafe of his dreams, built upon traditional Italian recipes, and he looks forward to sharing the joy of baking with the finest and tastiest ingredients.


La Dolci Mania’s location was not chosen lightly or without thought. The beach was chosen for the people, the environment, and the similarities it shares with Sicily. We at La Dolci Mania wanted to bring our culture to the States, and there was no location more perfect than Myrtle Beach. We’re glad to be beside the coast where the weather is nice and the ocean breeze is pleasant.


La Dolci Mania’s recipes have been perfected through numerous generations of real housewives. Each recipe passed down to the next generation surviving the hardships that they were created from. At La Dolci Mania, we pride ourselves on our hand-crafted foods. Our food is not manufactured clones. Each serving has its own DNA, created with a large serving of our passion.